Soya Isoflavones


Food supplement with isoflavones. Soya is an important source of isoflovanes, which have beneficial effects  on womens  health. The soya used for this product manufacture has not been genetically modified. Food supplement. Do not esceed the recommended daily dose. The food supplements does not have to be used as a substitute of a well balanced diet. Keep out of childrens reach.

Licence Holder / Pharminicio , S.L.
C/ Aribau 168-170, 08036 Barcelona ( Spain )

Each capsule contains :
Onagre oil, 500mg
Isoflavones (40% ), 87,5 mg
Antioxidant α-tocoferol
Nutritional analysis :
                                         Per 100g                 Per capsule
Proteins                             20,96g                     172,40mg
Carbohydrates                    10,84g                      89,6mg
Lipids                                 63,25g                     520,23mg
α-tocoferol                          1,21g                       10mg

Energy intake:
Per capsule: 5,7kcal/23,9kj
Per 100g: 696,45kcal/2912,50kj

Take 1 capsule daily.